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It’s only taken me 10 years to officially fire up a personal blog – I’ve been running the various sites under the HicksNewMedia umbrella, tweeting and sharing content on all the social media platforms, but have never really taken the time to stake my own space on these InterWebs.

Until now…

Welcome to jameshicks.org!

This site will consist of random ramblings right off my dome. I’ll be as insightful and conversational as I can.

Topics will range from topics within my sphere of influence (family and friends obviously), there will be a lot of sports talk (as I prepare right now for 3 Fantasy Football drafts…), I’ll throw some technology items in here as well – some items may be cross published on INFOtainment News as well, but for more of a personal touch, look here. World events, be they good bad or indifferent, are also fair game – I’m the guy, as many of you know that asks the WHY question. If we, as a society, can debate and discuss issues openly and with respect for each others opinions, we’re all better off.

So needless to say, I’ll be sharing things that are interesting and important to me and if you just want to sit back for the ride, or participate in the discussion, consider this your open invitation.

Oh and by the way – I OWN this site, I don’t have any stock in Facebook, so if you see a drop off in my posting on Facebook – that’s why!

That being said, Welcome to my online home…

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