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The Hardest Job – But I Love It

The Hardest Job – But I Love It

I sit here at Mahany Park waiting for Isaiah to play the 2nd in a 3 game baseball tournament. His team has been dominating this season, just as Jordan’s did – tons of fun!!

While waiting and enjoying the breeze blowing and the sights and sounds of baseball – I’m taking a moment to reflect on the hardest job I’ve ever had, but love it with every fiber of my soul – parenting!

It’s every parents job to support, encourage, train, teach and love each of their children. It’s also every parent’s job to brag and boast on their kids (when we parents start slacking that’s where the grandparents kick in).

That being said, tomorrow is a big day in the Hicks House. Jordan participates in her promotion ceremony from 8th grade and Isaiah finishes up 6th grade.

This means Jo goes to HIGH SCHOOL next year and Isaiah becomes the big man on campus at Cooley. Crazy!

In the 14 years that I’ve been a parent I can honestly say that I’ve learned more about problem solving, emotions, troubleshooting, communication and love.

Thank you Jordan Nicole and Isaiah James for being everything you are and everything you aspire to be. 

Your mom and I are honored to be your parents.

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