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So THIS Is 46

So THIS Is 46

Here I sit on the eve of 46!

Overall, it’s been a good run thus far. A few bumps and bruises, but I can still make contact with the ball and get around the bases decently (at least in my mind)…

My family (immediate and extended) for the most part is doing well.There is more love, respect, laughter and joy than anything – and that’s definitely a good thing. Having my parents close, not just living close to me, but also a close relationship is truly a blessing that I cherish and try not to ever take for granted.

My wife still lets me be me. That’s huge! I’m a weird one, this I know, But through all my quirks, Jen sticks by my side and is truly my life partner.

My kids – they still think dad is cool. I’m going to milk that one as long as possible!

I won’t mention any names, but those that know me know where I’m going with this…

The past 20 years has been tough for me to call folks friends – ever since me and my running crew split up and went our own ways, for a multitude of reasons, building these extra relationships has been a challenge for me. The bond that was shared between us was not that of typical homies, we were as tight as brothers and I truly miss that fellowship and hope that someday some of us can reconnect again.

That being said, thanks to my wife, a couples of mentors and a few really good dudes I’m thoroughly looking forward to enjoying this next chapter of my life with both my family and my dear FRIENDS!

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