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Putting My Photos To Good Use

Putting My Photos To Good Use

Many of you know that when it comes to gift giving, I request everyone to NOT get me gifts, but instead make a donation in my name to a charity – ANY charity.

To those of you that have respected that wish – I thank you.

I continue to donate time, money, a listening ear, or whatever whenever I can as well throughout the year.

Now I’ve found an almost effortless way to  make a small, but significant difference in the lives of those that need to be touched in a positive manner.

AND, this is great for all you tech savvy mobile phone picture takers!

Introducing Donate a Photo, a free app from Johnson & Johnson that turns your photos into a way to do good. For every photo you share through Donate a Photo, Johnson & Johnson donates $1 to a cause you want to help – which does things like fix up a public park, get medicine for an infant, or help kids play sports safely. Get the app and start helping here: http://www.donateaphoto.com.

Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. will donate $1 for each eligible photo uploaded. Each available cause has its own start and end dates and minimum and maximum donation amounts. See complete details for each cause at http://www.donateaphoto.com. Only the first photo uploaded in any day by an individual will trigger a donation up until the program ends or the maximum contribution amount for the program is reached. This is a great stipulation because it keeps us all honest, in my opinion, you can’t just randomly start uploading pictures – pick one and make it matter!

Our aspiration as a company is to care for the world, one person at a time.

~Johnson & Johnson

If it’s on your heart, I encourage you to join with me and Donate a Photo!

BTW, here is the 1st photo I donated 🙂


iOS users can get your app here.

Android users can get your app here.

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