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Tonight I took some time and celebrated a good friends 39th birthday.

Last minute – he called and rallied some guys together, we went to Perfecto Lounge, a local cigar shop we hang out once-in-a-while.

It was a good time. Just regular guys hanging out on a Monday night, watching some football, eating some pizza and smoking a cigar.

If that wasn’t cool enough, we got blessed with something extra. We met Mr. John Schillin. A retired ATF agent who was also celebrating his birthday – his 70th birthday!

Picture the scene for the next hour: a 50, 47, 43, and 39 year old mesmerized by the stories and energy of a man who just turned 70 who came to our table to hang out with us and tell us stories of just how wonderful life is.


We walked out of Perfecto Lounge tonight with a new friend. Someone whom we youngsters genuinely want to continue talking with and and learning from.

Tonight comes on the heels of a really shitty weekend – I lost a good friend, probably lost a significant deal at work and randomly read the tragic news of a little guy in Tennessee that took his last breath in the arms of Santa Claus (see video below).

Life is short.

Enjoy and THRIVE in the experiences you have everyday.

Tomorrow – may not be here.

Thanks John for giving me, and my friends true perspective!

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  1. Great perspective James… John is a cool cat and can’t wait to smoke a cigar with him at his place. Life is short… Life is precious and you never know what life will present to you each day. Thank you again for hanging out with me on my birthday last second… It was a great time… Much appreciated

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