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Kauai 2015

Kauai 2015

7 days of fun with the family on a tropical island – now THAT’S what I call a vacation.

Hicks Kauai

In all my travels, I’ve been to some great places on this planet, but had never gotten to Hawaii. This is definitely a new found favorite!

I could tell you of all the interesting experiences just getting TO the island (the US Airways and American Airlines merger still has some kinks to be worked out…) but instead I’ll let the photos and videos we captured that show the beautiful gardens, waterfalls, the luau, shave ice, snorkeling and everything in between speak for themselves.

The kids were loving the time with their cousins swimming in the ocean. Jen was relaxing by the pool with a mai tai (or two) and I got to fly my drone in Hawaii – how cool is that?

I rode a horse. Now that’s crazy enough, but I didn’t fall off which made the experience a huge win! Jen and Isaiah snorkeled with sea turtles. Jordan, when not bubbling around in the pool, ate every slice of Hula Pie in front of her – the Hula Pie was a big hit! Shouts out to Duke’s at the Marriott!

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We had the greatest food, the greatest weather, and the greatest company.

Thank you Mama Sheila and Papa John. This was truly an amazing experience.

Enjoy – HicksPhoto | Kauai 2015

Also, I like the way Google+ built the Story from the photos from this trip. You can check that out here.

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