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I was nominated twice – had to do it!!

frate-trainIt’s good stuff, an awesome cause, and the fact that this small gesture has raised so much positive awareness for the ALS cause – it gets no better.

A lot of you know that, I’m sincere about charitable giving and supporting great causes – for the longest time I’ve told members of my immediate family to not get me Christmas and birthday gifts – instead, make a donation to a charity in my name. Or, I’ll donate to the cancer society, Team Jack, youth sports, whatever. I, as many of you, don’t do that for recognition or a pat on the back, but because we sincerely want to help make a positive change.

As you’ll hear in my video below, I waited a few extra days after my nominations because I was waiting for my Frate Train Foundation shirt to arrive so I could be rocking that when I completed the challenge. By now you should probably know about Pete Frates and how he helped inspire the whole Ice Bucket Challenge, if you don’t know follow the link here to get more information on his inspirational story.

Yeah, Pete’s only 1 in millions suffering with this disease, hell friends of my immediate family have been touched by this disease, but this awareness, this research, and this renewed dialogue around helping these individuals is a good thing and I highly encourage you, if it’s on your heart to support the cause.

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