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Friendly Traditions

Friendly Traditions

Those who know me know that I lean dramatically towards the introvert side of the the continuum. But that’s by choice – when I need to “turn it on” and be outspoken and presentable, like at work, I’m the 1st one up on stage with the jazz hands giving a pitch, selling a solution, or telling it how I feel.

But normally, I don’t speak alot, I consciously say that I don’t like hardly anyone and could count on less than 2 hands the number of folks I’d call when all hell was breaking loose.

Now, I’m not trying to be a jerk. I’m not trying to be unfriendly, I just keep my cards close to my chest.

I start this post off like that to state that here in my seasoned years, I’m appreciating more and more the people that surround me and my family.

This past weekend Jen, I and the kids went to Meeks Bay in Lake Tahoe for our yearly camping trip there. We have been going there for 8 years now with a primarily the same group – we started as part of a Summer retreat with Mary Spoonemore when Isaiah was in her Mary’s Little Lambs Daycare.

The last of the 2 nights this year it really sunk in – with all the kids (now ranging in age from 4-15) all sitting around the firepit telling stories, laughing and enjoying each others company. All of the adults huddled around toasting to the joys of each of our life journey thus far – well, THIS is what quality friendships are all about.

Meeks Bay 2015

God bless Ms. Mary for starting that and huge shouts out to Lio Locke for keeping the tradition going.

Meeks Bay 2015 Kids

BTW – back to those that know me – you know for the most part I’m blowing a ton of smoke when I say how I don’t like people. I’ll my interactions speak for themselves.

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