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“F” 2017

“F” 2017

It’s not New Years yet, but I’ve had this post on my heart for a few weeks so I figured while I’m sitting here Christmas Eve listening to my old school R&B music, sipping a single malt scotch waiting for Santa to roll through – I’d put digital pen to paper…

2016 was full of ups and downs – I haven’t added them up, but I think there were more downs unfortunately.

Nevertheless, we’re supposed to learn from the trials and tribulations of life, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep pushing forward – right?!

That’s a conscious part of my personal plan for the coming year.

The way my brain works, I retain information easier by following patterns and being able to compartmentalize what needs attention and what can wait – I actually remember some of the principles they taught me during my college days 😉

So for 2017 I’m focused on 5 F’s

  • Faith
  • Finance
  • Fitness
  • Fellowship
  • Function


Finding a new church home for me and my family is absolutely front of mind now.

Every time you get a group of like-minded people together, especially “church folk” you have issues and drama – hopefully we can find someplace that focuses on the Book and not so much on looking good for the person sitting next to them in the pews. Pray for us on this one…


I’ve become more fiscally conservative over the years. I’m no longer buying a new car off the lot every 2 years or buying the latest tech gadget the day it’s released. This has paid off. Looking forward to being 100% done with revolving credit debt before the end of 2017!


If I don’t workout I’m grouchy. PERIOD! Body + Mind health and fitness will be critical for me to continue to be around to enjoy more quality moments with my family.


This could also be described as experiences. It’s not going to be about the quantity, but more of the quality of time I spend with people – particularly Jen, my kids, and my parents. Relishing every experience, every moment, and not taking the gift of time for granted.

Not to leave my homies and extended family out. You’re front of mind too – 2017 will be a great year of fellowship.


I started some of this a few months ago, but I/we must continue to remain vigilant and aware as citizens of this society – so much is happening around us that we’re only doing a disservice to ourselves for NOT being active in the discussion (doesn’t matter if it’s politics, education, community, whatever – put some positive action behind all the chatter and make your sphere of influence a better world).

Join me on this journey – should be fun.

This is me, so please accept me for who I am, and please accept me for what I do. I’m just doing everything that I can ’cause all I wanna be is tru. ~Lloyd

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