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143 – IJH

143 – IJH

I think it’s every parents duty to ooh and aah over their kids.

We take pictures of every movement as they grow and we talk about diaper changes, camping trips, school adventures and base hits even when they’re not around.

Jen and I are no different – Jordan and Isaiah are the engines that keep us spinning in this house and we couldn’t be prouder and happier with the young adults their growing into.

Today we celebrate Isaiah’s 11th birthday. That’s insane because I STILL remember my mom running up and down the hallways at Kaiser announcing the birth.

Maybe I’m softening too in my more seasoned years – Isaiah had a cabin weekend with 7 of his buddies to celebrate with him. No problems, no issues, no fights – nothing except fishing, ghost stories, swimming and laughter.

Life is good.

Happy birthday Isaiah – we love you man!

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